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Rebecca-Louise abs workout


10 Minute Intense Ab Workout – Flat Stomach Exercise
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The young British transplant may focus on creating online workout videos that are fun, motivating, and help you feel the burn without feeling out of breath, but that doesn’t mean exercise is the be all end all.

Louise strongly embraces the concept that optimal wellness is only 20% fitness. The other 80% is a nutrition plan that focuses on the proper balance of protein, nutrients, and calories. Her philosophy is proof that you really are what you eat, regardless of how many miles you ran on the treadmill that day. And if you’re not sure where to start, Louise can help you out. Between her nutritional plan and her high-intensity YouTube fitness tutorials, you’ll be hitting your healthy stride in no time.

Take us behind the scenes of your videos. What goes into making one from start to finish?
So we actually film about once a month and I have a videographer and people to help me on set. Then obviously Alphie is on set with me! Basically I ask fans a lot of the time what they want to see. So I’ll put an Instagram or Facebook post out asking what they want to see next. They will tell me exactly what it is they want to see. So I take a lot from what they’re looking for and I just spend some time the week before figuring out what new exercises I’m going to showcase, how I will amp it up more and make it exciting, and how I should change it up so that my viewers get something new. I do a lot of celebrity-style workouts, so people will want to figure out what is it that Demi Lovato or Miley Cyrus is doing right now. It’s cool to research on them, find out what they love to do, and incorporate it into a 10 minute workout that can be done at home.

When did you realize that your YouTube channel would end up being a much bigger deal than you anticipated?
When I saw the numbers go up and up. I built my channel now from scratch, so I didn’t really know anyone from Youtube. I was kind of oblivious to it all. But recently, I’ve been interacting more with other Youtubers and I’m beginning to understand that it’s becoming kind of a big deal. But at the end of the day, I just make sure that I focus on the results though. I want to make sure people have a brand new workout to do every Monday. If more people are watching it the better, but it’s more about producing great fitness content. I think there will be an uproar one week if I miss it, so I have a lot of accountability with everyone who follows me.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned since entering the YouTube space?
Listen to your fans. They get really excited when you do that. I normally will shout out to them if they gave me an idea for a video. I just want to interact with them and make it real. A lot on social media can feel not as real, so I try to do live-streams or talk to them to forge more of a connection. And if you’re having a bad day, say you’re having a bad day. I started uploaded motivational videos since people want to know more about you more than just the video you’re doing. Just being relatable and honest.

Where do you see the progression of your channel going in the next few years?
We’re almost at a million views a month and once we hit that milestone, I can start to see it exponentially grow. The goal in the next couple of years is to outdo my old channel which has 250 million views. I also want to do more stuff in the lifestyle realm.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about fitness?
A lot of people feel like they need to run like crazy every single day, but nutrition is the most important. It should be 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise. I feel that the people who do my videos realize that. It’s only 10 minutes long and it’s in real-time. And people are getting addicted to the 10 minute videos and since they’re so fun and enjoyable, they don’t even realize that they’re working out. That’s great because it’s taking this mentality away of them not wanting to go to the gym or a run. Changing someone’s mentality and having them change their minds about fitness is amazing. 10 minutes go by so quick and you get great results.