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If you intend to lose a few pounds, surely you have started an exercise routine and you will be taking care of your diet to make it balanced and consume, especially low calorie foods.
What you probably did not know is that in addition to the latter, there are some foods that contain negative calories. This means that the energy consumption of your body to digest these foods will be greater than the caloric content they contain. In other words, your body will consume additional calories to those contained in the food and to do so will resort to calories accumulated in your body. That is to say that their properties, besides feeding you, allow them to fulfill functions within your body like eliminating fat and assimilating carbohydrates more effectively.
I bring you a complete list of foods that have this advantage and that will become your best allies when it comes to losing weight.


You can choose them fresh or pickles and in any of its two varieties. We recommend eating them fat-free, that is, do not suffer them or cook them in butter, but in boiled or baked water.


Puree aubergine is a great alternative to accompany main courses with low fat meats. You can also try to prepare eggplant burgers, you will surely be surprised by its flavor.


This vegetable gives flavor to everything it touches; Be sure to add it to salads, sauces and as a side dish. You can also roast it and slice it in olive oil to eat it as antipasto.

Cherry tomatoes

From now on make them the only tomatoes you consume. They have far less sugar than regular tomatoes, provide more vitamins and are part of foods with negative calories.


You can eat it in salad or include it in your juices / juices next to the fruits that you like. Beets can be eaten fresh and raw or cooked. You can even try making a vegetable cream where you include it as the main ingredient.


The best option to eat broccoli is to prepare it boiled, in this way conserves all its nutrients and does not add fats that counteract its beneficial effects. When it is cooked you can accompany it with nuts or sesame.


A little grated carrot accompanied by grapefruit / grapefruit juice is the perfect combination for a breakfast with 100% negative calories. This orange vegetable will also help you to produce beta carotene, the vitamin in charge of speeding up the production of melanin in your body.


Try to eat raw celery in small pieces with lemon juice and a little cilantro, unparalleled recipe! With it you will become even the most skeptical when eating vegetables is about.

Dandelion leaves

It is ideal to consume a cup of infusion of dandelion leaves before breakfast. This will help you cleanse your body and keep active the metabolic processes that your body performs throughout the day.


Artichokes are delicious with a fresh vinaigrette, be prepared to make them a main dish on your table! You can eat them raw or boiled accompanied with a little olive oil. Another alternative to eating this vegetable are artichoke hearts pickled in vinegar.


Include radishes in all your salads. Eating them raw and fresh ensures you take advantage of all its benefits. They are an ideal accompaniment for fish rich in Omega 3 as the Salmon.


Sautéed mushrooms in olive oil with a little parsley and garlic are of unmatched flavor and nourish you while helping to lose weight. You can also make them part of your salads and sauces.


Zucchinis, green and yellow, also known as Chinese cucumber, are roasted soft and delicious. Try them this way or fresh and crispy as part of a large green salad.


Healthy and healthy life
Melon in pieces is an excellent option to start the day with a fruit ration that helps to eliminate accumulated calories in your body.


Add lemon as a basic ingredient to all your recipes. Preparing sauces and vinaigrettes based on the juice of this fruit is an excellent choice to carry out your purpose.


Prepare a jug of grapefruit juice and consume it throughout the day. As well as being a refreshing and delicious option, it will help your body’s fat control functions be active throughout the day.