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Natalie Jill Fitness: FitTube Featured Online Trainer


imagesize1Hi! My name is Natalie Jill and here is my story…

I lost my house, my retirement, my marriage ended and I gained a lot of weight. I turned it all around, got my life back and became and inspiration to others.
Now, I use my story and experiences to help people achieve their life goals through mindset, drive, fitness and nutrition.
I specialize in healthy lifestyles, weight loss, functional body weight training and gluten free nutrition.
Daily, I coach, motivate and empower others to turn their excuses into solutions and become their best possible selves.
What I do now is simplify fitness and nutrition for you!

Check out her Free Video Workout Series on FitTube!

Check out her website for all her online programs and online fitness training. NatalieJillFitness.com

What you may not know about me:

  • I hit rock bottom and lost everything at one time. I gained it all back and more by making my own luck. and I shared this story on the Hallmark Channel, watch the video here.
  • Natalie Jill Fitness was sort of started by accident! It is TRUE! Read HOW it came about HERE
  • I have had back issues that have prevented me from doing the workouts I used to love and thrive on! All of my new programs are designed to prevent back pain and lessen symptoms.
  •  I have an auto immune disease called Celiac Sprue where my body can’t process Gluten, so I have been gluten free for 15+ years now.
  • My life is not “perfect.” I have been through hardships, I have dealt with adversity, but most importantly I have overcome and accomplished MANY of my goals through the formula I figured out a few years back.
  • I did not do any fitness modeling until the age of 39!
  • I gained over 50 lbs while pregnant (I am 65 lbs lighter than my pregnancy weight now).
  • I now maintain and have abs all of the time and I believe ANYONE can have abs and maintain them without strict crazy starvation diets or endless crunches.

My motto is “Excuses or Solutions… YOU decide” and that is how I live my life in addition to striving to empower others like YOU. I believe that EVERYONE (including you!) can become their best THEM once they learn a few things that I have figured out over the years.

No matter WHAT your situation, no matter WHERE you are starting from and no matter WHAT you are facing, there is always hope and possibility and I work daily to help empower you with how to achieve this.

Check out her Free Video Workout Series on FitTube!