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This page addresses the different types of potential contributors, promoters, and partners with FitTube and the nature of the relationship between FitTube Inc. as an organization and the individual who aids us in strengthening our content/media platform.


A FitTube contributor and promoter provides premium content whether in the form of magazine style blog posts, videos, live streams or social media promotions.


  • Unpaid Contributors will typically write blog articles or create premium videos on FitTube but are not paid for the production or use of the content but benefit from the exposure afforded by FitTube’s userbase and promotions as an outlet to promote their own, personal brand. Unpaid contributors may be individuals looking to expand the reach of their own online training or other website, those looking to increase readership or followers on their own popular social media accounts, or wanting to increase visibility to themselves and their own services. This program is also great for people who aspire to be Paid Contributors or build their digital resume.  Currently seeking contributors


  • Paid Contributor & Social Media Promoter are contract based content creators and promotions. The contributor terms are defined on a project by project basis which may come in the form of shared advertising revenue payments. In some cases the paid contributor may give FitTube ownership or license of the content when expressly agreed to in writing by FitTube Inc. Social Media Promoter’s may also write blog content or create videos but will primarily engage others to join them on FitTube by using their social media pages. Minimum follower counts are required for paid Social Media Promoters. Limited openings based on content needs. 


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