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Eat Drink Shrink Review

Eat Drink Shrink Review


Eat, Drink and Shrink: Over 120 Delicious, Fat-Burning Recipes with Only FIVE Ingredients or Less! Paperback – October 16, 2014. Danette May is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, author, fitness model and Mom of 3.

There are hundreds of thousands of weight loss programs that you can choose from and chances are, you’ve tried your fair share of options – albeit to no avail. If you are tired of buying and trying program after program, then this review may be able to steer you in the right direction.

These days, a new and revolutionary program has both men and women excited about the prospect of weight loss, especially because it does not entail the gym, counting calories, or the traditional markers of a crazy fad diet.

This review would like to introduce you to the Eat Drink Shrink Plan by fitness guru Danette May. Her program is recognized as the “secret to lasting weight loss” and now, you can tap into all that it has to offer.

About the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan

The Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan is unlike any other weight loss program that you’ve ever tried. Unlike most conventional weight loss programs, you do not need to worry about the following here:
•Spending hours at the gym or even attending
•Counting calories
•Adopting other methods implemented by crazy fad diets

This program recognizes that the above qualities attributed to most programs on the market are what drives people away and causes them to lose motivation. When you adopt the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan, you’ll find it to be one of the most suitable and convenient ways to lose weight.

While there are challenges involved, they are ones that you are certainly able and equipped to handle through the methods you learn in Danette May’s excellent plan.

Ideal for Both Men and Women

The Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan is ideal for both men and women. The program is not designed to benefit one sex over the other, but instead believes that what works for one gender will also work for the second.

Instead, the program is premised on the idea that the way to lose weight is through recipes that are scientifically designed to work through the use of correct and effective food combinations.

In addition, the program is also based upon the notion that you need to incorporate some kind of activity into your day – one that is possible for you to perform within your own comfort zone. As the program directs you into a comfortable fitness program, it will also help you develop a meal plan that complements your activity levels.

This way, you know what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat so that you can burn the most amount of fat.

Each Recipe Features 5 Key Ingredients or Fewer

At this point, you’re probably worried about having to spend hours in the kitchen or eating the unsatisfying boxed meals that other programs provide. The good news is that this program is designed to be accessible and easy to adopt and one of the ways that this program makes that happen is by ensuring that you have an easy and fun time preparing your meals.

By spending a little bit of time in the kitchen preparing your meals, you can become more conscious about what goes into your food and how it affects your health. With that, each meal plan features just five ingredients or less. This way, you can make your meals quickly and move on with your day.

Another point to understand about the recipes is that they do not require the use of expensive kitchen equipment. The most complicated you’ll find the recipes to be is that very few may require a food processor or blender.

E-Book Format

To make the program easy to follow, accessible, and available at a low cost, the program comes in PDF format. It is written in formal e-book form so that you can easily follow along. Another advantage to the e-book format is that it enables you to easily take the book with you wherever you are and to access it at any time you need to do so. This way, you can follow along with the program no matter what you are doing.

An Interactive Website

Aside from the e-book that you instantly receive upon ordering, the program also gives you access to Danette May’s website, where you can access her articles. The articles cover topics such as foods that promote weight loss, ways to achieve a long and lean look, foods that burn fat, how to target belly flab, and so much more.

One of the best parts about these articles is that they are easy to read and simple to follow. This way, you can go through them and adopt the tips that suit you and your needs. In addition to the site, you can also sign up for Danette May’s newsletter and this way, you’ll receive more tips, tricks, and updates straight to your inbox.

This Program Saves You Money

Granted, many weight loss programs are expensive and ones that require you to make your own meals may be something that you associate with a high cost as well. The good news is that when it comes to this program, you’ll actually end up saving money and big.

By teaching you how to make your own recipes and meal plans at home, you’ll learn what you need to do to stay fuller for longer. The food made is nutrient rich and dense in value. These qualities make it easy for you to avoid the even more expensive pre-packaged foods or eating out, which not only takes a toll on your wallet, but also upon your health.

You can also compare popular meal replacement drinks but nothing by itself could stack up to an entire system designed by Magazine Fitness Model and expert Danette Mays.

With this program, you can take control of how you eat and how you live in a way that promotes a better, stronger, and healthier lifestyle. If you are ready to lose weight and to make the right choice for your future, then the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan is the perfect option for you.

Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan Review Summary

Overall, the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan is highly recommended for men and women who are looking to effectively lose weight. If you are interested in the program, simply visit the brand’s website so that you can get started on your weight loss journey today.