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Danette May DVD Eat Drink Shink Plan


Now, more than ever, diet programs and so called ‘Magical’ weight loss solutions are being thrown your way constantly…

Everywhere you look, some self-proclaimed “fitness guru” promises to melt away those dreadful pounds with a fast & easy program, or workout routine, or magical supplement just released…

But you and I both know, most of that stuff flat out doesn’t work. And even though it sounds way too good to be true, you find yourself purchasing anyway…

In hopes that maybe, just maybe, it could be that secret formula you’ve spent years searching for. And that’s when it FAILS, just like all the others before it…

My name is Danette May, and I’m about to reveal the 100% proven fat loss strategy I’ve used for over 13 years to accomplish

Danette May

Bonus #1 The ultimate Meal Plan Guide

This special bonus goes behind the scenes on body types, fitness levels and meal plan goals. Here, you’ll have access to incredible meals  broken down by fitness level and body type. And let’s face it, our genetic makeup is paramount in achieving fitness goals.

  • Includes a customized tracking sheet so you can monitor your progress (and meal selection) daily
  • Multiple meal plans to pick from
  • Exclusive shopping list you can take to the grocery store immediately

Bonus #2 Simple Fat Loss Success Tracker

Wanna see fat literally drip off your body like sweat?

If so, this power packed guide will help you reach fitness goals lighting fast, and without the hype. Remove the guesswork with this easy spreadsheet guide to track your:

  • Meals – Learn exactly what to eat, when, how much and everything in between.
  • Shopping List – Arm yourself with an incredible grocery list of items that melt fat like butter.
  • Weekly Workouts – Discover proven exercises that burn calories and utilize proper movement each day.

We want to thanks Danette May for working with the FitTube team on this awesome deals!

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